As you are with the waves

Orchestrated sounds of nature lightly play out to highlight its next piece. As I’m aware it will come, in a swift movement I made myself look decent.

“Oi, you still came?” That voice I will always know whatever position the sun shone. Even when the clouds hide its crown. A rhythm like a stalker following me wherever I turn, but not a stranger to my ears in which case I will never hesitate to reply. 

“Uhm- why not?…”, the pitch of my voice letting me down not playing the part where I don’t want him to know I shed some tears. “I’ll never be tired of watching the waves” I added quickly.

“I see…”, he said making the sentence linger in the air that I’d wish I am still sane because I could literally see the ellipses.
I sensed that he is thinking of something to add up or— perhaps to question.

“So why did you cry?”. I semi-panicked as if I made it inconspicous enough that I didn’t.

Apparently the waves noticed our dramatic exchange of unspoken thoughts and began to play its tunes softly in the background.

“Because I am sad and I hate everything…except the sea and sunset”, I answered slowly and honestly no longer wanting to twist the truth. Because there he was, the person I was waiting for to hear me.

“You hate everything…except the sea and sunset”, he stated repeating half of what I’ve said, almost mimicking the way I spat it, making it sound like a question, and not.

I looked up at him as he stands a meter from my right. There I noticed his eyes fixed front towards the open sea.

I stood up and  hugged him. He grew taller than the last time I saw him or so I think.

Series of flashbacks finds its way as I felt the returning tides in-between my feet. The wind making its way between spaces of us.

Splashing waves plays louder complementing our silence.

On this very spot where our pair of stars aligned. We started to weave a story of Him and I. Of patterns we never really knew where it is going. But we continued to interlace.

Then one day, He was gone. The waves took him. We weren’t able to tie a knot. I wept. I wished on everything I could use wishing for. Then I think the sea heard my wailing.

From then on, I hear his voice in my head almost everyday. It is what I wake up to, and lulls me to slumber. And I often thought of pulling him out of my head, just to see him, to touch his skin, to mirror his orbs for infinite times.

But it wasn’t enough, I asked the eventide to give me a glimpse of him before the moon took its place from the sky—I think it heard me. One day he started appearing and for the rest that followed. Eversince I come here before the evening sets to be with him.

For a moment we stood there locking eye contact seemingly absorbing each others presence. I closed my eyes for I cannot fathom what I know will come next.

His grip on me tauten locking our bodies in a tight embrace, occupying all the spaces in which the wind may seep.

Then I heard him speak, “I’ll see you again…tomorrow at sunset. I-”.

I felt the warmth of his voice, of his fading touch and just like that, just like the other days—his voice trailed off thinner and thinner until I can no longer hear it nor feel his existence.

I opened my eyes with no surprise that I was alone now. There it was, pristinely glistening as the last of light shone through its calmed tides.

I might be sad and hate everything…except the sea, the sunset, and him.

By arcticnym

to weave something out of my string of thoughts

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