San City

I fell in love in that City in all the wrong times. A soul caught my eye. Butterflies fluttered. Hearts rumbling. Hands trembling. We ran into the night. Until I was running alone. Strong feelings caught, others were kept. A letter wrote receiver weren’t sought.

I fell in love with that City. Of its corrupting voices. Its intricate pavements. Its blaring sirens. People I lost to silence. Times I cannot retrieve. Its troublesome borders. Its cruelness towards a dreamy child. In trying times here I’ve met some kindred spirits, whose favorite songs breathes life to my journeys.

I left my heart in that City. Embedded in every corners of the road. In the middle of that ped lane. In spaces of people’s memory. Records that plays inside my mind, lyrics made of every promises; I’ll try not to forget.

Of its beauty and faults I stayed to brave the hurdles. For the people I’ve walked with, may it be under scorching heat or thunder storms; I kept your stories.

It may take a long time for me to set foot again in our lovely chaotic City.
But I’ll listen if San called me.

By arcticnym

to weave something out of my string of thoughts

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