My Dearest ,

It has been a long time, since we’ve made our hello’s, not even a proper goodbye.
As if a wave of a hand and a nod is a good farewell to someone you wouldn’t be able to see again.

But even so I know I wouldn’t get an answer. I’ll still ask you some questions.

First is how are you? How is life —do you still call it ‘life’ when you are on that other side?
I heard somewhere that instead of stars you’ve got your unlimited auroras every night time.
That seems to be a lovely sight.
But rather it’s kind of unsettling, not being able to see some stars.

When I was a kid back in my hometown there’s this prominent star I used to see outside our street. The evening sky there is so clear and stars are more pronounced. I always make it a point to wish anything on that star. Anything that will make tomorrow a better day.

Up to this present time, I am still unfamiliar with that bright star’s name. But still I always think of it. It is so weird that I had felt the warmest comfort from something that is light years away from me. What a child I was.

My second question is about dreams. Of course I wouldn’t ask you about earthly dreams. Are you still able to dream and if so, what is it about? Do you dream of me? Because I always have dreams about you. I can even hear your voice. Like you are beside me. Like you are still here.

I can never be able to express the extreme sadness that I feel everytime I see someone the same age as you could’ve been. It’s difficult for me to comprehend; Why does it need to be you? Why we weren’t given a chance to express our love?

But they say time tells well of everything. And I’ll believe in that. Perhaps this is not the final place for our questions to be answered. Until my last leaf falls I’ll brave this life and—

I’ll see you again.

I’ll ask you, what were your favorite colors on earth?

The idea of Auroras every night time is from the animated movie “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” in 2011 by Makoto Shinkai

(星を追う子ども, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, lit. “Children Who Chase Stars”), also known as Journey to Agartha

By arcticnym

to weave something out of my string of thoughts

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