I made a pact with a starlight

One night I sauntered the marshes of Porthaven. A blurry image of myself alone, among the sea of starlights reflecting through the waters along.

Then it rained light—what a sight to see. I never was afraid to be hit, I felt it would not hurt me.

I have caught one, its colors bursting on my hands. The fallen star is breathing.

It’s saying something…it’s running out of life.

It proposed a bargain— in exchange of a part of me, it will give access to its powers, and that part of me will be able to extend its life.

Will my heart do?

Was I blinded by its promise of great magical abilities?

Still I gave my heart, I signed the pact I prolonged its life.
I layed my hands on an unfathomable amount of sorcery. I’ve forgotten what I’ve lost, it never felt I did-or so I thought.

We now both exist as one. Two different forms but binded by a heart.

Years had passed, the star wanted to break free from me. I overused its magic, I caused trouble. I’m a fugitive, running away all the time, changing names and doors.

Am I lost?

Now here I am wandering around different towns and villages, waiting for someone to break our curse or rather looking.

In a dream- or was it a memory when I was a child, a voice told me to look for it in the future, but who is it? but why?

Will it be the one to save us? Where are you?

Inspired by “Howl’s Moving Castle” written in 1986 by Diana Wynne Jones, and an animated movie by the same name directed by Hayao Miyasaki in 2004. 

By arcticnym

to weave something out of my string of thoughts

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