As you are with the waves

Orchestrated sounds of nature lightly play out to highlight its next piece. As I’m aware it will come, in a swift movement I made myself look decent. “Oi, you still came?” That voice I will always know whatever position the sun shone. Even when the clouds hide its crown. A rhythm like a stalker following…… Continue reading As you are with the waves

Do we see the same sky each night?

Does it tell the same story each time we decide to reflect it in our eyes? Or does it go in series? that will explain why we can’t understand what is happening at the moment, because we’ve skipped some nights to look up.

How can you still love someone you haven’t seen for a long time? 

The answer I may not exactly know.But ever since, I’ve seen love exist not only in the presence, or by spoken words, by tactile things, or through touch and affection. Love also resides in the absence, in uncertainty, unknown reasons, distances between spaces of time, in unsent words, and longing.

San City

I fell in love in that City in all the wrong times. A soul caught my eye. Butterflies fluttered. Hearts rumbling. Hands trembling. We ran into the night. Until I was running alone. Strong feelings caught, others were kept. A letter wrote receiver weren’t sought. I fell in love with that City. Of its corrupting…… Continue reading San City

My Dearest ,

It has been a long time, since we’ve made our hello’s, not even a proper goodbye.As if a wave of a hand and a nod is a good farewell to someone you wouldn’t be able to see again. But even so I know I wouldn’t get an answer. I’ll still ask you some questions. First…… Continue reading My Dearest ,